We make supply chain champions

Upside Digital helps mid-sized companies achieve a quantum leap in demand and production planning.

Integrated Demand Plan

Joint organizational perspective with a single demand plan powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Supply Chain Planning

Always up-to-date production plan, continuously balancing demand and supply for today, this week or the entire financial year.

Smooth Scaling

Smooth Scaling from changed product portfolio to production sequences to preferred warehouses dispatch.

A quantum leap in planning tools

Our revolutionary planning software gives you unprecedented flexibility and agility in the entire supply chain. With the help of innovative algorithms, the Concurrent Planner works in real time and closes the gap between planning and execution with maximum transparency in all areas.


Touchless forecasts with machine learning. Joint organizational perspective of a single demand plan. Fast response to customer demand changes.


Continuously balance demand and supply. Work with your up-to-date production plans. Recommend course of action.


Smooth material flow. Live Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Demand driven MRP for short and medium term.

“Artificial Intelligence will be rampant in the digital supply chain” ~Dave Waters

Our Company

Upside Digital delivers fast, secure supply chain data integration with our partners – from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to your manufacturing operations management (MOM) system.

Our Story

Upside Digital was started by Andreas Duscher, Hubert Hofmann, and Johannes Koch. They invented a new algorithm to optimize the supply chain. The Concurrent Planner changes the way mid-size companies plan and run their supply chain.

Our Culture

We are passionate about our customers. We live to learn and complexity and distraction are our enemy. We think big, act with urgency, and do brilliant things together.

Our Team

Upside Digital would not be here without our great team. They are friends and they will be your favorite contacts.

Our Clients

A few of our delighted customers.








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Digitize your supply chain in three to four weeks!

Improve inventory and delivery capacity. Make faster, accurate proactive decisions. Use real data from your company. Easy setup without Information Technology assistance.

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